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iTour is dedicated to providing a seamless and customizable travel experience in Israel through our rental guide app platform. We aim to empower travelers to confidently explore Israel’s rich cultural heritage and captivating landmarks. Join us as we unlock the wonders of Israel, one adventure at a time.


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The Tomb of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai on Mount Meron is one of the most famous tombs of a sage in Israel. It is the second largest religious site (following the Kotel or Western Wall) in Israel.

WEstern Wall

The Western Wall, also known as the “Wailing Wall” or the “Kotel”, is the most religious site in the world for the Jewish people. Located in the Old City of Jerusalem, it is the last remaining outer wall of the ancient Jewish temple, and an incredibly important site of modern Israeli history.

Sulama Shel Tzur

Sulama Shel Tzur is a geologic formation on the border between Israel and Lebanon, located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, in the Western Galilee. It is a white chalk cliff face which opens up into spectacular grottos.

Mount Hermon

Mount Hermon is the highest point on the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea.


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Sarah T.

Using iTour was a game-changer for my trip to Israel. The guide app provided me with invaluable insights and expert recommendations. It made navigating the country's historical sites and hidden gems a breeze. Highly recommended!

John D.

iTour made my visit to Israel truly unforgettable. The guide app was my personal companion, offering detailed information about every destination and enriching my understanding of Israel's culture. It's a must-have for anyone exploring this incredible country.


I can't express how much iTour enhanced my trip to Israel. The app's user-friendly interface, comprehensive information, and offline accessibility were game-changers. It was like having a personal tour guide in my pocket. Highly recommended!

Michael R.

iTour exceeded my expectations. The app was intuitive, and the content was well-curated. I appreciated the flexibility to customize my itinerary and the ability to access offline maps. I wouldn't explore Israel without iTour!


iTour was amazing! The app's attention to detail and accurate information was impressive. It guided me effortlessly through Israel's top attractions, ensuring I didn't miss a thing. I highly recommend iTour to fellow travelers!

Shua Green

iTour transformed my family trip to Israel into an educational adventure. The app's engaging features and kid-friendly content kept my children entertained while learning about the country's fascinating past. It made our journey both educational and enjoyable.


Thanks to iTour, I experienced Israel like a local. I can't imagine exploring Israel without the app by my side!


I was blown away by the quality of iTour. The app's content was rich and well-researched, providing fascinating insights into Israel's culture and history. The ability to customize my itinerary and navigate with ease made it the perfect travel companion.


iTour made exploring Israel a breeze. The app's detailed maps, audio guides, and insider tips helped me understand the historical significance of each site. It's a must-have for any traveler visiting Israel!

Nachman M.

As a solo traveler, I was hesitant about exploring Israel on my own. However, iTour's guide app brought the country's history and vibrant culture to life. Thanks to iTour, I had an immersive and transformative experience.

Malka J.

I can't recommend iTour enough! The app's user-friendly interface, comprehensive information, and seamless navigation made my trip to Israel effortless. It truly enhanced my journey, allowing me to delve deep into the wonders of this incredible country

David H.

iTour was the perfect companion during my trip to Israel. The app's detailed audio guides and interactive maps made exploring historic sites like Jerusalem and Masada a captivating experience. It felt like having a knowledgeable guide right in my pocket!

Rebecca G.

I'm grateful for iTour's insider tips and recommendations. Thanks to the app, I discovered hidden gems in Israel that I would have otherwise missed. The personal touch and attention to detail made my journey truly special.

Daniel W.

iTour's offline functionality was a lifesaver during my travels in Israel. Even in remote areas without internet access, I could rely on the app's offline maps and content. It gave me the freedom to explore at my own pace without worrying about connectivity.

Penina L.

Traveling with iTour was like having a local friend showing me around Israel. The app's curated itineraries and insightful commentary provided a deeper understanding of the country's history and culture. I felt truly immersed in the essence of Israel.

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