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Purchase a Subscription on our website to effortlessly unlock the guide
app at your convenience. This option allows you to have credits readily
available for future use, giving you quick access to enriching travel
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Direct Payment at Download:

Opt for a seamless experience by paying for the guide app
directly while downloading it. This ensures instant access to valuable
information, audio guides, interactive maps, and insider tips right from the
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If a guide app has expired and you wish to resume your
adventure, you have two convenient options. You can purchase credits directly
on our website, ensuring your credits are ready for reactivation.
Alternatively, you can buy credits directly from the app, giving you the
flexibility to reactivate and continue exploring whenever you’re ready.

these flexible credit options, iTour ensures your journey through Israel
remains as convenient and enriching as possible. Unlock the wonders of Israel
at your own pace with iTour’s credit system.